R24 Bonus Campaign

R24 Bonus Campaign

 1. 100% Bonus Activity (only for new accounts with no transaction history, customers who have already transacted can apply for new accounts with the same name to participate), for example: 1000 bonus for principal recharge of 1000, available transaction balance is 2000.

 2. The maximum amount of withdrawal is limited to twice of the principal, for example:

500 principal+500 bonus is used for transaction, and the maximum withdrawal amount=1000 (principal+profit, bonus cannot be withdrawn but can lose money)

 3. There is only one withdrawal opportunity for the trading account participating in the bonus activity. Once the withdrawal is submitted and approved, the remaining bonus and profit in the account will be cleared.

 4. If the withdrawal is successful and the account number is cleared, the bonus activity can be applied again.

 5. MT4 accounts participating in the bonus activities cannot apply for inward transfer of funds to other accounts with the same name.

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